The guys at Bomber have been using the centre since 2002. That has been in a variety of ways, be it as young guys skating in the park, being inspired by professional skaters at Demos through till today where we are partnered with them, to bring our website to life on a voluntary basis. Every bit of design and functionality you are viewing here on this website is donated to us, by these guys!

This place is embedded in my growth, it means so much to myself; Scott Heleniak. I have been placed in the LS-TEN building for quite some time, working closely with City Bloc: Indoor Climbing Wall, who LS-TEN share the building with. This has helped me to understand the shift these guys are going through and want to help out in any way possible. It’s important that community-driven places like this keep going strong. I’ve experienced and seen first-hand, how much of a positive effect it has on both the younger and older generations.

At Bomber we like to say ‘We are dedicated to the outdoors and the wild ones seeking true adventure’. We provide Design, Photography, Video and Marketing services to people that align with our values and LS-TEN sits firmly within this. Donating our time and services to help them achieve there goals is a no-brainer.

Life is about experiencing and growing! LS-TEN provides the facilities to do so and we are honoured to be asked to support them in making this happen.