The guys at Bomber have been a part of this community and facility for 17 years. The skatepark helped their Creative Director & Founder; Scott Heleniak to develop on a skateboard for nearly a decade.

During this time of shift Scott has donated his time and skills to provide LS-TEN with the website you are currently using. Scott has been partnered with both the guys at LS-TEN and City Bloc: Indoor Climbing Wall, who we share the building with, for the past year to allow us to function more efficiently on a digital level, which allows us to get our message out to our audience effectively and sustainably.

I’ve been using this facility since 2002 - me and my little crew of skater friends used to squeeze a session in and around school and would always be down on a wet weekend. Nowadays, we find ourselves in the building on a more professional basis, supporting the staff in any way that we know how. Over the years, I have seen so many of the younger and older generations benefit so much from having this community safe space to practice what they love and have something to pursue and grow from.

At Bomber we like to say that ‘We are dedicated to the outdoors and the wild ones seeking true adventure’. What this means is that our core values are to support and tell the stories of people who are on a conscious mission to be the best versions of themselves. We do this through Design, Photography, Video and Marketing and we are always looking for ways we can help people tell their story. When LS-TEN approached us looking for our support, it felt necessary to donate our time and services to bring them this functional website.

We believe in the power of the facility so much - if we could pick a growth spurt which led us to who we are today - this place would be up there, hands down. We’re here to help in any way that we can. Donations don’t always have to be money, it can be your hard-working graft, offered free of charge.

Words by: Scott Heleniak
- Creative Director & Founder of Bomber