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We sure do love it when people pay us a visit at the skatepark but did you know that we can also make trip over to see you?


Alternative Sports in Schools
(Skateboard, Bike and Scooter skills)

Sometimes getting a group of young people to across to the skatepark may be tricky, so we can make it easy by visiting school or community setting! In a typical school session we set up our equipment at your location and deliver a coaching session for 15 learners, normally lasting around an hour.

We teach all the basic skills and techniques you need to know on your journey to becoming a skateboarder, scooter or bike rider. Our sessions fit around your timetable and can be as flexible as you need. Don’t like skateboarding? Then we have the northshore track, Cycle skills and Scooter courses available. For more information or to book please contact us at

Community Events

If you have an event coming up we’d love to attend with our portable skatepark and equipment! Our team have experience of coaching and demonstrating at Breeze, Under the Owls and Deer Shed festival to name a few.

We run structured sessions for beginners as well as putting on demos to show everyone just what an experienced rider or skater can do.

If you’d like the team to attend your event email us at



Bike Maintenance Sessions

At LS-TEN we love our bikes and we’re passionate about keeping them in good condition. Our Cycle Maintenance Sessions run as one to one’s instruction and group or school sessions, and are designed to teach you all the basics of bike maintenance from changing an inner tube all the way to Bleeding hydraulic brakes.

Why pay a bike shop all the money when we can teach you how to fix it yourself. Maybe fix your friends bikes too?

Keep those Wheels Rollin!