Leadership Team


Mr Ben Wilson

Head of Education

“Graduating from Huddersfield University with a BMus Honours in Music and a PGCE with a background in Performing Arts. I really enjoy working with the range of learners that we have at LS-TEN as I passionately believe that every young person deserves the best possible education. I have a wide range of experience across both mainstream education and alternative provision; I work tirelessly to break down the barriers to education that our learners exhibit to ensure that their educational journey is a success” 


Mr Liam Hunsdale

Deputy Head of Education

Designated Safeguarding Lead

“Graduating from Leeds Trinity University with a BA Honours in Secondary PE and Sports Coaching my main back ground is in PE and Sport. However I’ve worked within an alternate provision setting for nearly 2 years now and everyday is a different challenge that makes me love working in this setting even more everyday. I believe our young learners deserve an experience that is tailored to them and provides them with the same opportunities that are accessed within mainstream education”

Teaching Staff

Mr Euan Roberts

Lead Tutor

(Motivate Programme)


Miss Velvet Broughton-Janes

Lead Tutor

(Cultivate Programme)

“Graduating from Leeds Trinity University with a BSC Honours in Sports Science, Strength and Conditioning, my background is within sports theory and practical delivery. I have been working within alternative provision for nearing 5 years now, mostly delivering vocational subjects that I am passionate about such as sports, art and craft. I thoroughly believe that vocational subjects give our learners something to look forward to and enjoy as well as possibly opening a gateway to future opportunities and success.

Graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a BA Honours in Youth Work and Community Development, my background is working with children and young people in a variety of settings. I have worked within an alternative education provision for nearly 3 years, delivering the curriculum to KS2 learners. I believe that the curriculum should be taught in a fun, engaging and relevant way to ensure that learners achieve their best possible outcomes.


Mr Jordan O’Brien


(Cultivate Programme)

“I have worked in alternative education for 5 years building knowledge across a range of different roles. Both sports and craft based subjects are a passion of mine; it opens doors with learners that might otherwise be closed and allows me to build strong relationships with learners with complex emotional and social needs”

Behaviour Team


Miss Jessica Brown

Behaviour Lead

“I have a level 4 extended diploma in Behaviour management and I have worked in alternative provision for 3 years. I believe that relationships are key to ensuring that learners develop academically, socially and emotionally. I enjoy working with the different young people at LS-TEN as everyone provides a different challenge daily”


Miss Micha Allen

Learning Support Mentor