Birthday Parties


How they look…….

The parties here at LS-TEN are amazing and people love them. Why do they love them? Easy, because you get private use of the entire skatepark for you and all your friends!


Here’s a bit of how the parties look here at the skatepark: -


  • Saturdays and Sunday

  • 9am till 10am Private Hire

  • 10am till 11am stay in the park whilst it opens to the public (the first hour is usually nice and quiet)

  • Parents normally head up to the café for a Wake Me Up Coffee

  • The parties are supervised at all times by a member of staff ensuring the group are safe but having fun at the same time.

  • If you need equipment then we can provide all of this at no extra charge.

  • The cost for this starts at £140 for 10 people. Any extra and its £7 per person.


At 11/ 11.30ish the group head up to The Lounge Café where there are various options available from £3 a head to £5 a head and opportunity to take advantage of the new PARTY ROOM which is only available for private parties. The menu range is huge too so whatever you want, whatever your diet we will have something for you.


We understand that all people want to get up at the crack of dawn to so party groups can come in throughout the day too -

Call us on 0113 5325357 or email us at for more information and we’ll be happy to work with you to create the perfect party!